In a nutshell ...

Using open source software and open standards whenever possible, we provide tailored solutions and advice to our customers.

  • Ad-hoc Linux systems administration.

    Flexible project-based or incident-based services.
    Available for small and large projects, occasional incidents or systems monitoring.

  • Web application development.

    Building web frontends and API's using open source frameworks:
    Laravel (PHP 7.x) and Vuejs 2.

  • Deployment & continuous integration.

    Your code from development to staging to production, streamlined by us.
    Fully tailored to your workflow and development teams.

  • Automation & configuration.

    Automate your infrastructure by using open source building blocks.
    Simplify software and configuration management on your servers and eliminate human error.

Open with a passion.

Open source and open standards are key ingredients in everything that we do for our customers.

Open Source

We build highly powerful, secure, cost-effective and scalable solutions by hand-picking open source projects, and implementing them into your environment.

Open Standards

Nobody likes vendor lock-in. By using open standards, we ensure that you aren't locked into a single vendor at any moment.

Being Involved

We're not only using open source software, we also try to contribute wherever possible. Giving back is what open source software is all about!